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  • 09 May 2017
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2 thoughts on “Humbug: The Art of P. T. Barnum

  1. Randall L. Wilson Randall L. Wilson says:

    P.T Barnum s work was his life He wasn t an artist and had no spectacular talent except to be able see it in others, exploit and publicize it He was both a subversive and Victorian, a phony and a realist, a humbug and an exposer of it From our perspective we most want to know how he did he do it The moralizing and actual exploits are less interesting than are his techniques which are very relevant today Humbug Neil Harris s biography of the early seventies isn t so concerned with how and with the what We learn that he got his start with an outright hoax, the Joice Heth affair in which he bought as an act a slave woman who claimed to have been George Washington s nurse and 161 years old We do learn the maxim, even bad publicity is good publicity when he encouraged people to challenge her authenticity He may have done than encouraged it, he may have created the challenge.He goes on to form the American Museum which was like a circus than a Guggenheim or Smithsonian And he ends his life with the Barnum Bailey three ring circus built upon his concept of the American museum There was the finding and promotion of Tom Thumb, the huge and lucrative success he created for Jenny Lind the famed opera singer and for Jumbo the elephant.One tale from the book suggests its frustration We are told that Barnum was responsible for getting tens of thousands of people to greet Jenny Lind at her arrival in America This attention was critical for stoking the excitement upon which her success depended Yet we learn little about what Barnum actually did to attract such a crowd This is important because people didn t show up simply for the love of Jenny Lind since most people didn t have a clue who she was Barnum must have utilized a range of tricks to create that kind of excitement but we learn about none of them.Overall, the book is a good overview of Barnum s career and provides a small window on the entertainment culture of 19th century America If someone knows of better and definitive biography of the great showman please leave me the title in the comments.

  2. Outlaw Rose Outlaw Rose says:

    This book gives a great overview of the life and times of P.T Barnum It doesn t go too in depth about any particular parts of his life but does touch on just about everything he did It s a great entry level book into the world of P.T Barnum.

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Humbug: The Art of P. T. Barnum This carefully researched study of America s greatest showman, huckster, and impresario is both an inclusive analysis of the historical and cultural forces that were the conditions of P T Barnum s success, and, as befits its subject, a richly entertaining presentation of the outrageous man and his exploits.