Humanitarian Intervention: Ethical, Legal and Political

Humanitarian Intervention: Ethical, Legal and Political Dilemmas The genocide in Rwanda showed us how terrible the consequences of inaction can be in the face of mass murder But the conflict in Kosovo raised equally important questions about the consequences of action without international consensus and clear legal authority On the one hand, is it legitimate for a regional organization to use force without a UN mandate On the other, is it permissible to let gross and systematic violations of human rights, with grave humanitarian consequences, continue unchecked United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan This book is a comprehensive, integrated discussion of the dilemma of humanitarian intervention Written by leading analysts of international politics, ethics, and law, it seeks, among other things, to identify strategies that may, if not resolve, at least reduce the current tension between human rights and state sovereignty This volume is an invaluable contribution to the debate on all aspects of this vital global issue

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