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Scarred for Life: Eleven Stories About Skateboarders Skateboarding is a means of transport, a pastime, a lifestyle, an artful expression, and an ethos Some even call it a sport But until now, the scene has lacked an appropriate and accessible tribute Scarred for Life is an intimate, you are there look into the culture and history of skateboarding, as told through the voices and experiences of those who have dedicated their lives to riding a wooden plank with wheels Eleven chapters take readers on a wild ride through the evolution and revolution of skateboarding reaching as far back as the s and includes oral histories and terrain reports of the major styles and techniques as they emerged One hundred dynamic photographs capture skaters doing what they do best in pools and pipes, on hills, ramps, streets, and skateparks From the early proving grounds of California hills and pools to the chaotic streets of modern New York City, Scarred for Life offers street level talk and eye to eye truth telling about skateboarders, scars and all

About the Author: Keith David Hamm

Keith David Hamm is a former news reporter for the Santa Barbara Independent and a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, as well as numerous skateboarding publications An avid skateboarder for than twenty years, he l

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