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Erotic Massage With than one hundred erotic drawings and a full color insert, Erotic Massage provides easy to learn strokes and methods that allow you and your partner to bring together the sensual, the erotic, and the intimateThe detailed illustrations and instructions can be easily absorbed in one evening so that sensual techniques of Erotic Massage can be enjoyed immediately Millions of readers are experiencing the sexual rewards of Tantric lovemaking and Erotic Massage is among the most accessible and explicit works to bring Tantric methods to Western couplesWritten and illustrated with profound sensitivity, Erotic Massage is a lovemaking manual on its way to becoming a classic

15 thoughts on “Erotic Massage

  1. A. H. Normand A. H. Normand says:

    Detailed, With exellent drawings and explanations about how to proceed.

  2. Nader Nader says:

    Excellent Thank you.Useful book for every couple.Recommended.

  3. Magic Rhino Magic Rhino says:

    Simple easy to follow instructions with well drawn pictures definitely a beginner s guide without explanations of the why you do it and what s the purpose or objections great guide on technique only be great to have alongside you when doing massage if could figure way of not getting oil on pages as you turn them.

  4. D. Jackson D. Jackson says:


  5. Jože Bernot Jože Bernot says:

    The book is very good and useful Knjiga je zelo dobra in uporabna Thany You Hvala.

  6. Dave $ Dave $ says:

    Good Condition and exactly as advertised

  7. Mr I.R. Matthews Mr I.R. Matthews says:

    I giver Massage privately and have been asked to do it differently for my female clients Now I can with this book Thank you

  8. malcolm de medwe malcolm de medwe says:

    Well written and illustrated, recommended

  9. Daniela Re Daniela Re says:

    Very good book properly design and text very informative and no immoral in any way I can suggest it to any couple who want to improve their love experience and in som ecases save their marriage learning to give to one an other in matter of sensations.

  10. Mr Cox Mr Cox says:

    Great book for men and women who just want to get started doing tantra massage Easy to follow instruction and drawings While it could be argued that the techniques are not really tantric, rather of the school of Joseph Kramer s Taoist Erotic Massage, this book is fine I recomend it to all those attending my tantric massage workshops in London and Manchester.

  11. 21 Mum 21 Mum says:

    I did not order this

  12. claudio claudio says:

    I love this book and every now and then I just go back and take a look at Simple, specific, good illustrations.

  13. J. M. J. M. says:

    This book has been helpful I only read the first chapter It covers applying oil I used the technique in the book to good effect.I like that this book is illustrated with drawings instead of photographs I looked at this book and another erotic massage book at B N The other book essentially was porn Erotic Massage is informative and illustrative, in contrast.I recommend Erotic Massage

  14. Eddie Martinez Eddie Martinez says:

    If your partner yourself physical touch or quality time is your love language then look no further.Make sure to get some really good massage oil and put in the time and boom Happy times await your future.

  15. Amy Amy says:

    This is wonderful and very educational I must worn that there are a few very graphic chapters.

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