Positive Impact Golf: Helping Golfers to Liberate Their

Positive Impact Golf: Helping Golfers to Liberate Their Potential This book is not an instructional book per se If I had not seen the YouTube videos relating to his method I certainly could not have received instruction from his book It is a history of how he developed his teaching style I think this is the first negative review I have ever written The closest he comes to instruction is to identify the main tenets of his teaching A how to book it is not Totally disappointed Save your time and money and just watch the YouTube videos if you are interested in his swing style. great book, it teaches you how turning your body lets you hit the ball farther with little effort Also teaches you mentally how to enjoy the game of golf, even after a couple of bad shots Speaking of bad shots, this book tells you that you are not going to hit the ball straight all the time, and that s okay You will be better, with less strain on your body, and that s a good thing for us senior citizens I m giving this book a thumbs up, and by the way check out Brian Sparks on youtube, I think you ll enjoy what you see Cheers Pieter O. I have a degenerative back problem with arthritis and Sparkys swing book and his video on Utube show just how to avoid back problems with a swing that not only works great but looks good Brian has had back surgery and he has been a European touring player as well as a long time teaching pro He knows about back pain and has figured out how to keep us old guys playing without pain The book is not all about technical golf mechanics it is a golf philosophy that is based on Ernest Jones philosophy, not to be confused with Bobby Jones, although Bobby Jones fluid swing would be very much like both Ernest and Brian s swing You will not go wrong investing in his book Besides, it is a good read. This is Brian Sparks personal story of how he came to embrace the philosophy of The Easiest Swing Those of us of a certain golfing age can relate to the various golfing methods that we embraced over the years only to find most of them not providing us with the swing that the Pros use The Easiest Swing is the best method that I have found for improvingyour enjoyment of the game without damaging your body in the process This book is best read for the philosophy of the swing and then should be coupled with watching Brian Sparks and his coaches on Youtube Your game will improve This is the golf book anyone who plays the game must read It will declutter your mind and free you to develop your own potential at whatever level you play, weekend amateur through to young aspiring tour player Brian Sparks, a British PGA Pro since 1967, helps you to demystify all of the standard golfing jargon and show you how easily you can swing a golf club and hit a ball This book is the natural antidote to the over complex, mechanical way that most golf teachers now think you need to be able to improve Scientific research now proves that this is not the way we learn After showing you the power of traditional misconceptions about the golf swing Brian goes on to give you simple advice about how to cope with the bad shots this game will always throw your way It is easy to understand and will prove to be the best purchase you ever made for your game Although essential reading for all golfers it is particularly valid for women and for any man in the senior division For you, it will take a lot of the unnecessary effort away from your game and leave you able to play 18 holes and go on to play another 9 with a smile on your face

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