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Search for the Perfect Driver Very interesting book. I thought this was a great read and I highly recommend it for any who plays or wants to play golf well A real eye opener and one of two books I offen recommend for anyone wanting to Olay their best golf The other being by John Jacobs. Good read Thanks I was very pleased with my books, the state of the books was very good I go buy golf books. Fast service This book will open your eyes about the myths of golf clubs Tom explains things very well and terms all can understand. I have been playing golf for 40 years and I am still learning about golf clubs I have purchased clubs, built clubs, and have been fitted over the years, but the information contained in this book is eye opening One of the topics in the book was about the shaft stiffness of the driver If you bought a driver with a stiff shaft, how stiff is it or is it stiff at all The bottom line to me is you need to find a driver fit for your swing, not adjusting your swing to the driver I am a single digit handicapper and I still am searching for the perfect driver Great read. This author is The Man when it comes to explaining what is the steak and what is the sizzle when determining what to look for in a driver..Easy to understand and the last chapters will assist most with respective swing characteristics flaws and how certain club specs may help Will assist most players with their other clubs although his other book, Search for the Perfect Golf Club is specific for the clubs other than the big stick..Must read for club techies.. Para echar un vistazo a este libro, es necesario habilitar JavaScript en el navegador m s informaci n

great You go see a qualified club maker That is the message being conveyed by the author So even after reading the book, I don t feel that I m in total control of making the purchase selection of my driver since the author suggests that having the driver custom built by the very selct few club maker in the country is the only sure way to go.While there are some good explanations on the anatomy of the club and how they affect the swing, I didn t find any particularly revealing information In fact, most of them are rather common knowledge that can readily be found online and in golf publications It probably could have been written in one or two chapters In essence, the book recommends that you get high lofted club head with shorter length shaft.

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