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Market Masters: Interviews with Canada's Top Investors -- Proven Investing Strategies You Can Apply ConclusionWell worth your CoinBreezy interviews with many money managers, this one is well priced and well worth a purchase.Positives Large book with small print over 600 pages Price is extremely attractive Author neatly transcribes manager comments so they do most of the talking Wide variety of folks profiled Some superstars here Chou and Doneville to name a couple Breezy writing style makes keeps things moving along and interestingNegatives A few of the people mentioned not getting specific are very odd choices writing books and saving money, for example, doesn t perhaps make one worthy of a profile in a Market Master s book Redundancies boy, there are redundancies Somewhat odd definitions doubt complete neophytes will buy this book , master keys pulled from previous profiles, and even a pep talk to read the book twice Could have been perhaps half the size but I don t see this as an issue The author is very young I say this with a smile, but the writing is earnest and heart felt if you want John Train, who had his own investing acumen in place when writing his books, you aren t going to find it here Despite the author s contention much of the information will be dated soon Like most books of this type, long on anecdote and short of company analysis specifics Profiles are mainly composed on a single interview which necessarily limits the depth, but this is not a big issue the logistics of visiting these people to do these profiles must have been very hard, so I m glad the author persisted.Overall, I enjoyed it and was glad it was published If you are reading this review, you should buy it.Note Despite the author s introduction, there is at least one other high quality book on Canadian money managers Bob Thompson s Stock Market Superstars.If you liked this book also try Chan the Value investors Thompson Stock Market Superstars As noted, an earlier CAD money manager book Kazanjian Wizards of Wall Street very dated Free Capital Thomas really liked this one And of course Money Masters, New Money Masters, and Money Masters of Our Time by John Train which are generally acknowledged as the most influential manager profile books ever written Robin does a great job summarizing different investing strategies that a beginner investor can easily understand and learn from The layout of the book is amazing and is a great read that makes one highly motivated to go through Investors come from multiple different backgrounds and some have backgrounds that you would not have even thought of I would highly recommend picking up your copy of this book and I would rate it as an essential must read for anyone interested in entering the world of investing. Market Masters is the definitive book on investing in the Canadian market, featuring exclusive and insightful conversations and first hand advice from Canadas top investors These interviews delve into each investors investment philosophies, strategies, and processes, as well as their successes, challenges, and outlooks in the market Learn proven investing strategies, processes, and approaches that you can easily apply to the market to make your winnings plentiful, predictable, and profitableThetop investors span multiple areas on the market paradigm to offer readers a variety of perspectives, including five investing styles proven, actionable, and timeless strategies to increase your winnings in the market stocks, bonds, options, and other financial instruments and shared conceptions that explain how the Market Masters continually beat the market Through a collection of Master Keys, the most important tips from each investor are highlighted throughout the bookMarket Masters contains timeless advice on how to beat the market that will entertain, inform, and empower generations of Canadian investors Derick Foster the idiot millionaire said I should buy this book and was he right You can learn a lot from this book what a great investment Like many things not everything was for my liking but I am sure my portfolio will be richer for having read it There is not a lot out there for the Canadian investor but this really hits the mark Are you kidding me less than 5 dollars Highly, recommend this book Would also recommend the Idiot Millionaire as a good read I am richer for it thanks to Derick. Very interesting read As described, fast shipping Brilliant reading This book is very helpful in doing what it claims summarizing some of the succesful strategies of the proven investors However, inspite of a glossary of terms in several of the cases, there are terms within the synopsis of philosophy that are not clear to even a fairly seasoned investor. Excellent book, well worth the money, full of information, its a keeper Definitely a must read I m beginning my investor s career and this book is really inspiring To this day, I read 6 books about investing stock markets and I don t think that a beginner should start with this one, because there s some stock market basic terms and notions to acquire before, but every investor should get this, believe me It s fun and easy to read and, as the author says, everybody will take at least an idea from one or market Masters in this book and apply it in his her investment stategy.It s not an How to book, it s a bunch of good interviews with successful investors telling you how they see it investing and the rest is up to you It s a book that really deserve to be read than once If you liked any book from Jack Schwager s Market Wizard series and you re Canadian, then you need this book While has numerous books on the CBOE, CME, interbank, Nasdaq, and NYSE markets, Robin s work is a rare breed that focuses on Canada s TSX At 574 pages and 28 experts interviewed, there s no shortage of content and gems of wisdom from Canadian investing professionals Almost all of the book s focus is on stocks with a sprinkling on ETFs While only in his 20s, Robin has produced a book with the skill of an author in their 40s The book is structured quite well 10 tips on how to extract the most out of the book start things off, followed by a good talk on how despite Canada s modest reputation our equities market ranks extremely well against its global peers, then before the first interview begins each interviewee is profiled with a paragraph detailing their style and expertise The book is divided into six parts, which sections off the experts into six investing methodologies value, growth, top down, technical, other Each market master gets their own chapter which begins with a summary on the expert, then some key definitions phrases the reader may not be familiar with, an interview proceeds with some biographical, historical, and career questions before diving into the expert s thoughts and expertise, finally each chapter is concluded with key bullet points extracted from the interview Given the length of the book, the author wisely concludes this book by synthesizing the most valuable themes produced from the 28 interviews.Most books have their biases due to practical considerations of length and no author can be an expert in all areas, this book is no different As the cover states, this book is for investors, all content is focused on the long term, there s nothing for day traders or swing traders here.There s minimal coverage of technical analysis, but the book is chocked full of fundamental analysis Very little content exists for CFDs, currencies, futures, or options Next to no coverage is given to the Venture Exchange or Montreal s derivatives exchange A moderate level of market knowledge is required by the reader, those interviewed don t tailor their responses to beginners This book deserves its positive review, but if you re looking for information on day trading, technical analysis, swing trading, or security types beyond stocks and ETFs, then look elsewhere.While America has a healthy supply of financial authors, Canada s under covered market is lucky to have someone like Robin Speziale Just as Jack Schwager authored multiple editions in his Market Wizard series, so too should Robin with a Market Masters series.