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Our Songs, Our Places, Without You our songs, our places, without you is a brutally honest, devastatingly emotional book of poetry by rising bronx poet trevor capiro each poem is incredibly impactful and beautifully written stories of love, heartbreak, suffering, and healing come alive on the page in an incredible way let this book of poetry touch your soul and help you feel free join trevor capiro on this journey towards healing. Maravilloso Not sure how this book has such high reviews and I hate critiquing art This book reads like a bad coffee table book Like a bunch of sad girl Facebook quotes Also there was one poem that wasn t even finished and one poem with misspellings How is this popular I read it in less than ten minutes, I could probably write this book in that amount of time.PressingEnterOccasionally toCreate meaningThis book wasn t memorable or inspirational. Okay so few things This book is so beautiful, I love the art on the cover, I like how the book feels I just think it s a really cute book BUT spell check should of really been used before publishing it I found some areas where the word is completely misspelled or it didn t make sense because the sentence ended with a few added words that shouldn t of been there I saw that this is independently published and it s also capiros first book but you have to make sure the product you re putting out is 100% which in this case it wasn t

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  • Our Songs, Our Places, Without You
  • Trevor Capiro
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  • 09 October 2019
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