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Last Man Standing: Hurling Goalkeepers (English Edition) Goalkeepers walk a tightrope between triumph and disasterThe hurling goalkeeper must surely occupy the most precarious position on the pitch glorified as a saviour if their team succeeds and damned if they fail For this book Christy OConnor has had unique and continuous access to twelve goalkeepers over one season and tracked their experiences through the highs and lows, the celebrations and rejections, the saves and the misses, resulting in an inside story never told before The players talk frankly about the pressures, the passion, the trauma, the disappointments and glories, the utter despair at being dropped from the team and the long road back to re selection The brotherhood of goalies forms a kind of inner club within the hurling community here we are taken into its heart and spirit as never beforeIncludes Donal g Cusack Cork James McGarry Kilkenny Liam ODonoghue Galway Brendan Cummins Tipperary Stevie Brenner Waterford Brian Mullins Offaly Timmy Houlihan Limerick Brendan McLoughlin Dublin Davy Fitzgerald Clare Graham Clarke Down DD Quinn Antrim Damien Fitzhenry Wexford , as well as a wealth of stories and anecdotes about famous past teams and players

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