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The Invention of Wings Praise for The Invention of Wings A remarkable novel that heightened my sense of what it meant to be a woman slave or free a conversation changer Oprah Winfrey, O, The Oprah MagazineExhilaratingpowerfulBy humanizing these formidable women, The Invention of Wings furthers our essential understanding of what has happened among us as Americans and why it still matters The Washington PostA textured masterpiece, quietly yet powerfully poking our consciences and our consciousnessleaves us feeling uplifted and hopeful NPRA searing and soaring story of two women bound together as mistress and slave USA TodayKidd has managed to avoid both condescension and clich, creating an unforgettable character in the slave Handful, the emotional core of her utterly engaging third novel The Boston GlobeIf this isn t an American classic to be, I don t know what isis book is as close to perfect as any I ve ever read The Dallas Morning NewsA powerful story of rebellion and heroismThe remarkable courage and hope found in The Invention of Wings is a reminder that we all have those wings and tells us a lotabout how we got them The Atlanta Journal ConstitutionKidd has done a marvelous job of capturing two special and vibrant voices I can t recall reading a book about slavery that presented in such vivid and heartbreaking detail just what the daily life and labor felt like The Minneapolis Star TribuneA total revelatione book is balanced by two extraordinary women real life abolitionist and feminist Sarah Grimk and the imagined handmaiden Handful, who nearly leaps off every page Patrick Bass, EssenceThe NoNew York Times bestseller from the author of THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES

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