The Sheikh and the Discipline of the Desert (English Edition)
            Journalist Megan will go to any lengths for a story, which is how she finds herself driving through blistering heat with the intelligent and handsome Ahmed who also happens to be Sheikh Ahmed, an Arabian prince But Megan isn t only interested in Ahmed s solar engineering project, she wants to determine what impact it will have on the desert and its people Keen to see , she persuades Ahmed to let her take a closer look at the desert on the back of a camel Unfortunately, Megan soon messes up, disobeys orders and gets lost She subsequently finds that Ahmed takes pleasure in dispensing justice by putting her over his knee and spanking her, and also learns that riding on a camel with a freshly spanked bottom is no fun at all.Later, Ahmed tells Megan she to stay in the hotel until he returns She ignores his advice and ventures out, hoping to glean some inside knowledge on the women of the East for a Pulitzer winning story Unfortunately, she gets into a whole heap of trouble and is arrested Once again it is Ahmed who rescues her, but his honour demands that he carry out her sentence of corporal punishment to the full As time passes, the feisty reporter who manages to get herself into one scrape after another and the Arabian Prince fall in love However, their respective cultures are vastly different and there seems to be little chance of a permanent relationship, especially given the disapproval of Ahmed s grandfather.But maybe love will find a way

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