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Silent Ground Part 1 (Silent Ground #1) Read Silent Ground Part 1 Silent Ground 1 By Quil Carter Federicoscridel.eu Sasha S Crazy He Knows He S Crazy, His Uncle And Best Friend Both Know He S Crazy, And For A Long Time, They D Accepted It And Loved Him Anyway But Now, Now Things Are Changing Sasha S Migranes Are Getting Worse, There S A Voice Inside Of His Head That Keeps Demeaning Him, And For Some Screwed Up Reason, The Only Thing That Cures These Migranes, Is Sasha S Own Damn Blood Which He Has To Resort To Masochism To Extract This Is Not Okay This Is Quickly Becoming Not Okay And Sasha Doesn T Know What The Hell He S Supposed To Do What S Happening To Him And How Much Longer Can Sasha S Uncle And Best Friend Deal With It Before They Just Give Up On Their Mentally Disturbed Loved One For Good And That S Not Even The Worst Of It Oh No, Not In The Least There Are People After Sasha, Two Men Wearing Black Cloaks They Attacked Him On A Dark Road, And Now These Two Are Telling Sasha That He S A Nightcrawler Like Them And It S Time To Come Home The Leader Calls Himself Kheva, But To Sasha, He S Master The Second Is Called Kel, But To Sasha, He S Brother And Who Is Sasha He S A Nightcrawler Like Them But Until He Earns His Place He S Merely Their Unwilling Slave.

About the Author: Quil Carter

Quil Carter has been writing stories since he learned how to write Now that people seem to like his stories, this is pretty much what he is planning on doing with his life.

10 thoughts on “Silent Ground Part 1 (Silent Ground #1)

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    I m going to have to tread careful ground with this review.Is it brilliant Absolutely Those of you who ve followed Quil s work for a while will see a lot of the same elements that make him such a stunning author Brutal violence, morally ambiguous characters, gay characters that are actual characters , but it s also a smaller book Not in the sense that it s any less ambitious

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    Menage coming up in the second book.Not sure if the first one has menages though.

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    POSSIBLE SPOILERS I m very picky with the books authors I like.however I ve been a fan of Quil ever since I read Fallocaust fell in love with Reaver That being said, me not liking this book DOESN T mean it was bad I take my characters very seriously and literally all it takes for me to dislike a character is 1 fuck up So as soon as Kel hit Sasha and Kheva allowed him to rape Sas

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    It became clear during A God Among Insects it would be useful to read this book but the first half seemed like a vampire fiction to me which isn t my thing

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    AmazingI think I might be falling in love with this series It depends on what Quil decided to do with the next book, which is the book I am starting next, the book which will bring me into the New Year I can t think of a better way for it to begin I rea...

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    Dark, dark ,darkIf you like your meat raw, bloody and still squirming, this is for you Brilliantly deviant, you are sure it s headed one way then does a 180 degree turn Can t wait for Book 2

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    wow after finishing i feel overwhelmed this story had a lot of things going on It s scary, dark, creepy.I need Part 2 nowpleasecomplex characters so many things happening at once.The creep factor is real manjust wow

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    5 s and i havent even read it yet pre order

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    I think there are no words in the English language to express what I feel about this book But I will try to name a few complex, captivating, dark and so much There is nothing I can say about this book that would not give away what the story is about and I think anyone who decides to read it should go in with an open mind I m...

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    Silent Ground brought me silent screams If you ve never read Quil Carter stories, then you are in for an addicting wild ride This story is powerful, horrific, scary, and mind damaging traumatic It also is about feeling like an outcast, but finding you are not alone People are out there, and they want to help Yes, their help can come with a cost, but in the end, a person ends up growing strong

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