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An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good Download An Elderly Lady Is Up To No Good By Helene Tursten Terrapin Info.co.uk Content An Elderly Lady Has Accommodation Problems An Elderly Lady On Her Travels An Elderly Lady Seeks Peace At Christmas Time The Antique Dealer S Death An Elderly Lady Is Faced With A Difficult DilemmaMaud Is An Irascible 88 Year Old Swedish Woman With No Family, No Friends, And No Qualms About A Little Murder This Funny, Irreverent Story Collection By Helene Tursten, Author Of The Irene Huss Investigations, Features Two Never Before Translated Stories That Will Keep You Laughing All The Way To The Retirement Home.Ever Since Her Darling Father S Untimely Death When She Was Only Eighteen, Maud Has Lived In The Family S Spacious Apartment In Downtown Gothenburg Rent Free, Thanks To A Minor Clause In A Hastily Negotiated Contract That Was How Maud Learned That Good Things Can Come From Tragedy Now In Her Late Eighties, Maud Contents Herself With Traveling The World And Surfing The Net From The Comfort Of Her Father S Ancient Armchair It S A Solitary Existence, But She Likes It That Way.Over The Course Of Her Adventures Or Misadventures This Little Bold Lady Will Handle A Crisis With A Local Celebrity Who Has Her Eyes On Maud S Apartment, Foil The Engagement Of Her Long Ago Lover, And Dispose Of Some Pesky Neighbors But When The Local Authorities Are Called To Investigate A Murder In Her Apartment Complex, Will Maud Be Able To Avoid Suspicion, Or Will Detective Inspector Irene Huss See Through Her Charade A little book literally that packs a punch figuratively because Maud is not your typical 88 year old lady When she sees a problem, she fixes it by getting rid of the source It turns out that being old is a great disguise for a murderer.3.5 stars rounded up for a great charac 3.5 Meet Maude She is not your stereotypical elderly lady Definitely not the kind that distresses one when in a hurry and the car that is doing ten or miles under the speed limit is driven by a littleold lady who can barely see over the steering wheel Nor the one in the grocery checkout counting out her exact change one coin at a time, while we not so patiently wait for them to finish Yes Maude is in her later eighties, lives in a large apartment where she is legally entitled to spend her life, rent free, and has a great many pieces of old furniture and other valuables that she occasionally sells to finance her many trips to places near and far But Maude is even than this, she is capable of behaving very badly to those who try to take advantage of her because of her age, to their own detriment You see, Maude is not an elderly woman it is wise to cross.Enjoyed these shorts, all featuring Maude getting out of situations in a very unladylike manner Though I did like the first three than the last two connecting ones There was some Resourceful Intuitive Discerning Sharp All words one might use to describe Maud All positive attributes, you might say But Maud also has a darker side She can be cunning, devious, and coldhearted to certain individuals Whenever a dilemma pops up, Mau 4 starsWhat a charming little book Translated from Swedish, being made into a TV series in Sweden, I feel cheated that we are not also getting it in the United States Eighty eight year old Maud is just a little devil Set, and solitary, in her ways and always looking for the solution to her next problem That solution, involving a bit of murder, does not dissuade her Humorous to the point of laughing out loud funny, this book is light, relaxed and enjoyable The ent Swedish author Helen Tursten is best known for her series of mysteries about Inspector Irene Huss made into a series of films for Swedish TV , but, when she was asked to contribute to a Christmas anthology, she decided to write about a serial killer instead, a serial killer who happens to be an elderly lady, Tursten s heroine Maud is not a blood thirsty monster, driven by bloodlust or malice No, she is merely a stone cold but reasonable sociopath She believes in live let live, but, when somebody interferes with her contentment or self interest, you can be sure they will be quickly and efficiently removed.Maud encounters, and then disposes of, various irritating types a spoiled wealthy woman artist who wants Maud s apartment for her studio An Elderly Lady Has Accommodation Problems , the disagreeable, gold digging wife of a former beau An Elderly Lady on Her Travels , an alcoholic attorney who beats his wife and disrupts Maud s peace with his tirades An Elderly Lady Seeks Peace at Christmastime , and a thieving antique dealer who targets her silver and paintings The Antique Dealer s Death and An Elderly Lady is Faced wi Wow What an original character Maud will put a smile on your face even as you feel a shiver down your spine 88 year old no nonsense Maud is a former teacher living rent free thanks to a legal technicality after her father passed away when she was 18 in a spacious apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden.In a series of short stories, we learn about Maud s life and her penchant for murder While most people see a feeble minded elderly lady who is half deaf and lacking the strength to hurt a fly, Maud uses this illusion to her advantage as she surfs the net for useful information on a stolen laptop and travels the world with the money she has saved up over the years.A young celebrity sets her sights on Maud s amazing apartment Maud s not going to let that happen.Her former lover that she hasn t seen in decades is about to marry a woman half his age Maud will deal with that train wreck.The upstairs neighbor wants to beat his wife and ruin Christmas Maud s not going to Dear sweet little old Maude.what a clever, serial killer you are Plus, you are not so sweet If fact, you are quite grumpy and calculating She s not your grandmother folks unless, of course your Granny is a killer.Maude is an 88 year old Swedish Woman with no family or friends Who needs them Not Maude She quite happy to do things on her own Make travel arrangements, go on vacation, murder someone, surf the internet, etc Everyone needs a hobby Well, it appears that apart from traveling it appears that Maude s hobby is getting rid of those in her life who annoy her, an antique dealer, those who want her spacious apartment, those who want to marry a past love, annoying neighbors But will she be able to get away with her antics Will she ever get caught Hmm..This book is made up of short stories which show Maude interacting with several people The reader gets to know Maude s thoughts, how she is fast on her feet, how she makes snap decisions and doesn t h Title is perfect Cover is perfect Maud is perfect I have honestly never felt so justified in cheering for a murderer as I have with this book This little old lady is LETHAL, and her age late 80 s and infirmity mostly faked are the perfect defenses If you are looking for something deeper in this book, I can assure you that my mind went often to the invisibility of older people in our society While Maud surely took that to her advantage, it is something I think about often especially when I m out and about with my Oma Ponder that issue while delighting in Maud s perfect solution to every one of life s annoyances murder..If you like murder mysteries and or cozies, this short story collection is a must read it s a tiny little book literally it s the size of my hand with 5 short stories, and is translat

About the Author: Helene Tursten

Helene Tursten born in Gothenburg in 1954 is a Swedish writer of crime fiction The main character in her stories is Detective Inspector Irene Huss Before becoming an author, Tursten worked as a nurse and then a dentist, but was forced to leave due to illness During her illness she worked as a translator of medical articles.Series

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