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Listen Reading Listen Kris Bryant Oknalubliniec.eu Former Child Music Prodigy Lily Croft Spends Most Days In Her Home Office Crunching Numbers And Analyzing Data As An Actuary Once She Filled Concert Halls Across The World, Until The Pressure Got Too Much And Forced Her Retreat When Her Boss Hands Her A Temporary Assignment, Lily Has To Leave The Safety Of Working From Home To Work With People At An Office She Keeps Her Head Down And Stays Focused, But One Night On Her Way To The Train Station, She Hears Music Wafting From The Leading Note And The Life And Feelings She Suppressed For Over A Decade Bubble Up To The Surface Lily Is Inexplicably Drawn To Hope D Marco, Leading Note S Gorgeous And Brilliant Founder But Falling For Hope And Re Exploring Her Passion For Music Force Lily To Face Her Past Will She Go Back Into Hiding, Or Have The Courage To Confront The Consequences Of Her Past And Present Colliding

About the Author: Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant grew up a military brat living in several different countries before her family settled down in the Midwest when she was twelve Books were her only form of entertainment overseas, and she read anything and everything within her reach Earning a B.A in English from the University of Missouri, Kris focused on poetry and eventually decided to tackle writing novels Jolt, her debut

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    4.25 Stars I really enjoyed this romance This is actually the best book that I have read in 2019 so far Bryant always writes well so it s no big surprise that this book really worked for me I would easily recommend it to lesfic romance fans.This book is told in first person I know not everyone loves first, but this book is the perfect example of first done right The main character Lily suffers fr

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    I love Kris Bryant s work, so when I could get an ARC of her latest novel in the sensory series Listen I jumped on it I ve read and enjoyed Taste, missed out on Touch I was too late to get the ARC so I will buy it at some point but as they are all standalone you can start with any of them.Loved the characters Lily Croft and Hope D Marco, loved their slow burn romance, felt every bit of Lily s cripp

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    Once again Kris Bryant shows us how it s done when writing a fantastic love story between two well thought out and complex characters So why should you read this Let s start with Lily Croft I truly love this adorable, socially awkward, anxiety ridden woman and her friendly feline Clio I m always a fan of strong female characters and Lily certainly fits the bill Despite her every day struggle with anxiety and gener

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    Music and pure love, this book has a combination that really worked for me.The two protagonists have a personal appeal that has hooked me from the beginning and together they are a beautiful and sweet couple I think it was because of their candor and generosity, particularly Lily s She hides a fear caused by her prodigious and precocious talent that conditions all her current life and her decisions But Hope is able to inte

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    Tell me what you hear Bach s Sonata For Violin and Piano in B Minor,Arvo P rt s Spiegel im Spiegel, Pink s But We Lost ItLeona Lewis Bleeding LoveBeyonce s Runnin Whitney s I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Def Leppard s Two Steps Behind Among some of the powerful musics songs that accompanied my reading session Out of the 5 senses, our eyes usually played an important role in typical love tales but in this story, it was the sense of

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    My first book by Kris Bryant How weird is that huh Loved her writing style and loved the book I really liked Lily, one of the MCs I m impressed by how the author made me feel how bad anxiety can get to you What lily was...

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    This book floored me I ve read it three times since the book appeared on my kindle I just love it so much I m actually sitting here wondering how i m going to convey my sheer awe but I will try my best Kris Bryant won Les R veur book of the year 2018 and this is a serious contender for 2019.Lily likes her life It s calm, she likes her job and she s bloody good at it, she loves her cat and even though her life is spent mostly in solitary, it works fo

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    Listen is a slow burn romance which also wins in its depiction of someone dealing with severe social anxiety Lily Croft is just getting by working mostly from home and keeping her interactions with others to a minimum Regular sessions with a counselor and the love of a ragged eared rescue cat help keep her nightmares under control Her chance meeting with Hope D Marco at the Leading Note Music Center opens new possibilities for Lily if she is able to overcome

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    Listen is part of the Senses series by this author along with Taste and Touch It s the story of Lily Croft, a former Classical music s child prodigy who quit music altogether unable to handle the pressure of her career She now suffers from anxiety and works as an actuary trying to keep to herself One day she hears beautiful piano music coming from The Leading Note, a music education charity Slowly she gets drawn to the place and its founder, Hope D Marco, who is a ve

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    I haven t read a book by Bryant that I haven t liked but I think, so far, this is my outright favourite Lily Croft was a musical child prodigy but a meltdown in her early teens from the constant pressure has left her highly anxious and reclusive with nightmares about music A work assignment forces her out of her home office into a different environment where she has to meet and interact with new people When music wafts out of an open window on her way home she finds herself i

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