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Underlord BOOKS Underlord By Will Wight Survivingtheholocaust.us A Tournament Approaches All Around The World, Great Clans And Sects Prepare Their Disciples To Fight Against One Another In A Competition Of Young Underlords Even The Blackflame Empire Is Drawn In, But Their Youth Are Not Strong Enough To Compete Yet. Executive Summary This is might be my favorite of the series thus far, and it s at least the best book since Blackflame Full Review I really loved this book and this series I think if I had started reading it during the weekend it came out instead of a few days later and I d have read it in 1 2 days instead of 4 Every time I picked it up, I just wanted to keep reading, but often I either didn t have enough time, or I was too tired to concentrate properly.After how much I loved Blackflame, I found Skysworn a bit of a letdown Ghostwater was a better entry, but I wondered if the series had peeked in the third book Then this book came along and kicked things into another gear.I watch a ton of shonen anime, and those series often become less interesting to me when the main character gets too powerful I worried Lindon would be much less interesting the stronger he got.The typical solution to this problem is to add tougher and tougher enemies, which is a technique that Mr Wight uses, but what sets it above for me is the c Shut up and take my POSSIBLE SPOILERS CONTAINED WITHIN This book is wonderful I loved it as much as the last 5 The epilogue THE EPILOGUE Woah guys I can t wait for the next installment in the Cradle series Lindon, Yerin and Mercy s transformations especially Yerins are amazing Nothing short of what I expected from our main characters You see a vulnerable side to Yerin in this book, which I love She s that badass Sword Sage apprentice, who s facing death defying odds literally and comes out on top Her Blood Shadow AWESOME Dross is slowly becoming one of my favorite little side characters I m loving the snarky comments and witty remarks that come from him, at the worst possible times too Orthos COME BACK I missed his grumpy turtle self in the second half of this book He definitely grew on me in the previous books, I was sad to see him veer off on his own path Albeit, it had to be done, but it still hurt my heart to see him and Lindon part ways for a little while Oh Eithan what are you up May the Dread Gods take you Will WightNever in my life have I been so happy and yet so filled with rage and despair Fifteen hours have passed since I downloaded this book, and aside from the seven hours I slept, I Underlord is an unputdownable, pedal to the floor, rush of a book It manages to tick all the boxes Fan f ing tastic action, a pace that fast does not adequately describe and characters that are unforgettable Now, all of these characteristics are part of Will Wight s standard bag of tricks But, in addition to all of these, this book also has way humour than in previous iterations which went a long way in making the uber fast pace comfortable to read I also liked how Linden actually has some significant character development in this book And this goes well with the theme of the book, which is that advancing to Underlord is less about power and strength though those matter and about discovering who you are truly are As a result, our favourite characters all has to discover, confront and accept their true purposes in life I really liked this change in level requirements since it makes the characters do something th Will Wight s Underlord is amazingly fantastic I absolutely loved this book Somehow Wight manages to pack plenty of action, lots of plot points, and some stellar character development into what is actually a relatively short book The Cradle series is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite fantasy series If you aren t reading it yet, I don t know what else I can say to convince you but I m going to try Way back in the first book of the series, Unsouled, I felt like Lindon was interesting, but the side characters were a little flat, lacking depth and strong characterization I can t imagine uttering that criticism about Underlord Wight has crafted a tantalizing cast of characters that really shines He s definitely playing the long game here, letting us get to know characters bit by bit over the course of multiple books and that results in some big emotional payoffs in this novel I try hard to avoid spoilers, but we learn significant things about each of the main characters in this novel Yet none of the things we learn feel like an ending Wight has really done a great job of making each revea Will Wight is ascendingI can never get enough I devour these books in two days and then I have to spend the time cycling them into my core until the next book comes out This one was no exception Even Robert The name of this book and what it suggests is killing me with anticipation.After reading Honestly I m relieved I was worried that something would go wrong and I wouldn t like it, but it s even better than I thought it would be I m not going to do a real review, but I might after rereading it a few times All the stuff below will be random thoughts and stream of consciousness stuff Don t expect quality.Questions view spoiler Are Jai Long and his sister at the Sacred Valley yet I don t think the epilogue said anything about that Answer Last fall, two young outsiders had torn through the Heaven s Glory School, breaking their way into Sacred Valley They were still at large somewhere, hiding just as she was Also, it probably doesn t make sense for Lindon to go back home until at least after the tournament But I really want to see his family hometown s reaction to the fact that he could easily conquer the entire Valley To answer my own question, The tournament does not allow anyone belo Unbelievable I thought for sure that Will Wight wouldn t be able to top Ghostwater I was wrong He surpassed my wildest dreams with Underlord It was, in short, perfection As the title implies, Lindon continues to advance, though it s not easy More than that, thanks to an expertly written prologue and epilogue, we get a glimpse of the larger world as Suriel s job just got a lot harder And even better, we got a taste of

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