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Twisted Hearts (The Camorra Chronicles #5) Playlist You got me Ivy QuainooYou should see me in a crown Billie EilishCrazy MadonnaBounce Back Little MixWith you Meghan Trainor KaskadeMy way Ava MaxMake up Jason Derulo Not your barbie girl Ava MaxInto your arms Witt LowrySo Am I Ava MaxNobody s perfect Jessie JAll the good girls go to hell Billie EilishCandy shop 50 centGenius LSDBlow your mind Dua LipaMe and my broken heart RixonClose Nick JonasShameless The weekndYou don t own me GraceCry baby Demi LovatoCall it what you want Taylor SwiftEveryday Ariana GrandeEndgame Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran365 Zedd Katy PerryMiss Independent NeyoSide to Side Ariana GrandeLove me harder Ariana GrandeHeat Lokii mix Kelly ClarksonOnly want you Rita OraI like it Cardi BWTF HugelCrying in the Club Camila CabelloDon t call me up MabelButtons The Pussycat Dolls feat Snoop DoggDon t cha The Pussycat Dolls I m a huge fan of The Camorra Chronicles and this book was highly anticipated by me and it didn t disappointed Savio Falcone caught my eye in Twisted Loyalties and I fell in love with him with every new book And I fell even harder after reading Twisted Hearts Savio isn t an easy character to like but Cora made an amazing job showing all his sides and layers and still pulling us with his sweet talk and charm Meantime, Gemma is this sweet innocent girl with a dose of sass, a perfect fit for Savio I was totally surprised by them You think you know everything when you don t and they weren t what I thought what they would be but this isn t negative, it was actually the best Their relationship has ups and downs, they aren t perfect but they are perfect for each other Gemma grows to be this strong beautiful lady while Savio ends up maturing and proving everyone how wrong they are Their chemistry is on point and I m thankful how the author spent time showing us the first time they saw each other and how everything rolled out without rushing it Once again, the secondary characters were amazing in this book I admire how the author makes them all so present yet they never take the focus from the main couple and feeding the fans desire to see their favorite characters from the previous books You will laugh, you will smile warmly and you will cry The action was soft in this book but the angst was on point and you will feel completely lost once the books is over and wishing for and Twisted Hearts is a good addition to The Camorra Chronicles, Savio and Gemma are a perfect couple that will pull your emotions, squeeze your heart and leave you with a smile in your lips Trust this author to make you fall in love with bad guys and give them the best redemption You won t regret it Twisted Hearts is coming out January 7, 2020 PS I NEED THEM TO GET ANOTHER BOOK , OK ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. My Status With Savio his Kitty I feel good RARARAR It s too goodIn Twisted Loyality, we took unspecified profile about Savio Aready, he was still young, but because he was Falcone s, he passed many stages beyond his peers..Later, in Twisted Emotion, his character began to become clearer, for me was very straightforward with some cute aspects mixed with humor..And I can say the same thing about him while i was reading Twisted Bride But a lot has begun to emerge on the surface in Twisted Bond, and my eyes started to give him special look, he was the same Savio, the same arrogancerude person Ohhh i can not tell you what he did or what his reactions when his family gave him a hard time Well, i can just say, he is a Falcone to the bone and when i say Falcone i mean Remo s brothers bonds they re full of loyality and sacrifice, no matter what it cost them, always with each other s, always everyone have his brother s back I like how he was treat Kiara, how he tried to broke her barriers I like his relationship with Serafina Specially the comments that was flying without any reservations between them Gemma still a vague personality for me All I know that she have a hard crash on Savio But from Cora s snippets I think she is a very strong girl with passion feelings My favorite Falcone, don t ask me why. First of all, this book was nothing what I expected By the plot, the characters and the story itself I ll start talking about Gemma I m really IN LOVE with her She s a badass as I expected but still she made me delight in her cute way, altruism, passion, sincerity, and especially her persistence She s a real fighter, in the ring and in life, and is for sure one of Cora s best female characters She s really enchanting.One of my favorite things in this book was her and Toni s friendship I think I missed a connection like this since Valentina and Bibiana They re like sisters and I loved so much seeing that one would really give her life for the other I already love Toni and I already know with who I want her to be with and I think Cora will give us that hahahaha About Gemma and her family at first I thought it was suffocating how they treated her but then I realized that they would do anything for her, and Diego, despite being the typical teasing and overprotective older brother, surprised me a lot and I think he will win the readers hearts.Now, about my sweethearts FALCONES.I LOVED their participation in the book and I thought they were going to have some kind of resistance with Gemma because she was younger and new in the family, but as usual, Cora Reilly surprised me They really supported Gemma and it was beautiful to see how they understood and protected her even without knowing her well and when she wasn t even a part of the family yet.Remo, I love you.About the main point of the book, I won t tell many things but what I can say, it s that with each book that goes by I get silly with Cora s ideas evolvement and writing I was shocked because I NEVER imagined it and it was done very well I m sure no one will even suspect and they will be as gaping as I was.Now, last but not least, Savio Falcone.I m not gonna lie, I spent much of the book wanting to beat this bitch but then he managed to win back my heart I was getting really pissed and hurt because I idealized him a lot but I felt like he had the redemption he needed Then, stopping to analyze, I noticed that Cora did what had to be done didn t make him a different character or took his essence just because it was his book, but for being his book, she showed us sides of him that we didn t have the opportunity to know in previous books of Camorra I saw parts I didn t like but also met parts of him that impressed me I think because I always saw him as a playful conqueror, I was a little disappointed that he wasn t it This also holds as a self criticism for me I ll no longer idealize characters.I m gonna add an extra here that I will not classify as a topic, but it s something I also loved the appearance or citation of some couples and characters, not only from Camorra but from BIBMC saga as well I loved the glimpses of several characters, new and old I m ready for your book, Nestore THANK YOU FOR THAT, CORA.I judged the book before time before finishing it, in this case and I thought I wouldn t like it because of Savio s actions, but I realized I precipitated myself and in the end, I had tears in my eyes and a smile in my face The book made me laugh, cry, made me angry and made me feel a lot of other emotions This is what a book has to do it has to make you feel and you did it, Cora Congratulations and thank you Oh boy Twisted Hearts took me by surprise on so many levels I honestly can t remember the last time I felt so many contradictive emotions about a book hero While cocky, charming and stubborn Savio often made me want to throw my kindle against a wall, the heroine Gemma was the total opposite I loved that fierce and loyal girl with all my heart and soul For the most parts of the book I was convinced that Savio doesn t deserve her He was so used to easy women who did what he wanted and Gemma was anything but She knew her worth and didn t make it easy for him I wanted to high five her for that Despite many stupid actions on Savio s part, Cora Reilly did her magic and made me change my mind about him in the end She has this special talent of making you fall in love with the bad guys When it comes to Mafia romance she s my go to author Noone writes this genre better than her Gemma Bazzoli had a crush on Savio from the first moment she met him Unfortunately he only saw her as his best friend Diego s annoying little sister But when Gemma turns into a beautiful young woman with sinful curves, she finally catches his attention Too bad she s taboo and comes with a price Savio isn t willing to pay marriage When she s promised to another man, Navio has to decide if he s going to let her go or fight for the gorgeous girl he can t stop thinking about I loved sweet Gemma from the start She grew up in a very loving and traditional family with values, which was so much different from Savio s upbringing The Bazzoli s weren t rich in material terms Her brother and father were common soldiers for the Falcone brothers Gemma knew that in the Mafia world, marriage was seldom about love but about power and alliances Knowing that, her heart still refused to accept that and let Savio go She was a romantic young woman who believed in true love and saved herself for the only man she s ever wanted I totally respected and admired her for that As a mobster and brother to the capo of the Camorra family, Savio had blood on his hands from a young age The concept of love was foreign to him, with the exception of his brothers and their spouses and children For him loving another person made you vulnerable and he wasn t ready for that Nor was he ready to give up his freedom and be faithful to one woman Gemma and Savio started off as friends, but there was always something there Gemma was in love from the start, but it took Savio some time to catch up and see her as a woman But once he did, he could hardly stay away from her All he wanted was to corrupt and own the young, innocent girl with a body to die for Nobody else was going to have her but him At some point I thought I already knew in which direction this story will go, only to be proven wrong later I didn t see the big blow coming It was a punch to the heart and was so sad and heartbreaking, I could barely stand it Everything changed after that and Savio s eyes were opened once and for all It gave him the final kick to grow up and make the right decision I m not going to give away from the plot, because it would spoil the book for you All I can tell you is that there will be ups and downs and some very unexpected turns But don t worry, you will get lots of Falcone family time plus some very cute and funny scenes that will make your heart melt Thank you Cora Reilly for another highly entertaining and unputdownable book in the Camorra Chronicles series I can t wait to read Adamo s story 5 stars Savio Falcone Has A Few Non Negotiable Rules When It Comes To Girls They Need To Be Hot As F Ck Spread Their Legs Without Much Prompting And Leave As Soon As The Fun Is Over Preferably Minus Any Bitching Or Tears With His Easy Going Bad Boy Attitude, A Last Name That Rules Over Las Vegas And A Body To Die For, Girls Have Always Been At Savio S Disposal Unfortunately, The Hottest Girl In Vegas Comes With A Price Savio Isn T Willing To Pay For Savio To Get Gemma He D Need To Seal The Deal And Put A Ring On Her Finger Settling Down Is Out Of The Question, No Matter How Hot A Piece Of Ass Waits At The Altar Gemma Bazzoli Has Had A Crush On Savio From The First Moment She Came Face To Face With His Arrogant Smile, But For Him She Was Always His Best Friend S Annoying Little Sister Until Her Hard Earned Curves Catch Even His Attention But Savio Likes It Easy, And Gemma Is Anything But When She S Promised To Another Man, Gemma Resigns Herself To The Fact That The Man She S Wanted All Her Life, Doesn T Want Her Badly Enough Savio Has To Decide How Much Work He S Willing To Invest, Because Bending The Rules In His Usual Style Might Not Be Enough To Get The Girl That Haunts His Wet Dreams Can Be Read As A Standalone I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review Twisted Hearts is the fifth novel of the Camorra Chronicles series It is the love story of the third Falcone brother, Savio, and his best friend s Diego s little sister, Gemma Bazzoli Although sometimes Savio s antics made my blood boil, I kept reminding myself that his actions were part of his defense mechanisms, protection against the darkness that surrounded him But behind the shallow demeanor, there is a man who eventually learns to show his love to the light of his life Gemma s character had some qualities that I anticipated, yet some that turned out be surprising I grew to have a soft spot her, and I m glad that she held on to her beliefs and dreams As always with Cora s books, Twisted Hearts left me in an overwhelming state Here I was, thinking that this book would be just fun and games, and even though it does contain all of that, there are some deeply emotional scenes I usually might just shed a few tears while reading saddening scenes, but one very realistic situation made me actually bawl This novel once again proved how versatile author Cora can be, adding unexpected twists and turns to the storylines On a side note, Cora introduces us to relatively new characters Some of them have been promised stories of their own, and it was a thrill to get a deeper picture of their personalities And some of them, well, make you wonder whether Cora has a bigger role planned for them This was yet again a solid 5 star Camorra Chronicles masterpiece, and after some really heart melting moments, fingers crossed we get to see of the bull and his kitty romancing ARC ReviewGemma Bazzoli fell in love with Savio Falcone the first time she saw him at just 10 years old, however Savio never saw Gemma as than Diego s kid sister until she starts turning heads with her curvy body Still reluctant to take the plunge, Savio drags his feet in committing to Gemma When she is promised to someone else, Savio realizes he d rather die than let anybody else have her.I have loved Savio s arrogant and cocky personality since Twisted Loyalties, so saying Twisted Hearts has been my most anticipated read would be an understatement I had my theories, but I definitely was not expecting a lot of what happened Savio is known for his boyish charm, and while that is what endears me to him, it is also a double edged sword Savio s playful nature is what lightens the mood and gives Gemma butterflies, but he was also very self serving in the beginning Savio s behavior was not a shock to me given the fact that he had never had any real responsibility to anyone besides his brothers and the Camorra Even with taking on a larger role in the business over the past few years, Savio really was only used to fighting and fucking, not being in a relationship I d never had to take care of someone I d always only done what I wanted, fucked who I wanted Now that was over I think Savio was disillusioned about his own feelings for Gemma at first and did not understand what he really wanted or needed to do I just wanted to scream at him sometimes Despite that, I still have a soft spot for Savio and I do feel like he got it together And don t think Savio was all bad either, while others seemed to stifle Gemma at times, he encouraged her to bloom, and be who and how she wanted Savio was also extremely romantic at times and I m sure Gemma would have died if she could hear some of the dirty thoughts that came to his mind while watching her, but he told her plenty of them.Gemma Bazzoli is probably one of my favorite heroines from the series I feel I could really relate to her on some things She had no qualms about saying what she wanted and she stood firm in her beliefs My heart ached for her at times though, because I felt like people were taking her feelings too lightly She still stood up for herself and demanded to make her own decisions for her life I like that she wanted Savio, but she wasn t desperate for him She knew when to let him chase her for a change Gemma also wasn t just a tomboy, she enjoyed fighting but still had a gentle way about her Gem has a heart of gold One character that stole the show for me was Diego I have been dying for Diego since he was introduced and he exceeded my expectations Diego was a typical annoying and overbearing big brother at times, but it came from the heart He loved and protected Gemma fiercely and it made my heart melt He didn t care about Savio s friendship or station when it came to Gemma being harmed in any way What s the matter with you Are you fucking crazy This is my little sister She s not some fucking toy you can play with Diego was the voice of reason to both Savio and Gemma at times I liked that he not only demanded respect for her, but that she demanded it for herself as well I pray Diego gets his book with a certain someone and soon, because I can t wait We got to see development of other characters as well I loved seeing Remo as a father and a Capo through Savio and Gemma s eyes He takes care of his family and his men Nino made me laugh so much with his dry sense of humor in this book I also enjoyed reading about Gemma and Toni They have such a fun and supportive friendship Of course, we got family moments with the Falcone clan and while I love those dearly, I had a bittersweet feeling from how they ve all grown up and are starting families now when it felt like yesterday it was just the five of them against the world In the past, it had only been my brothers and I We had little to lose, except for each other, but now the number of people we cared about and had sworn to protect grew every year, and it would keep growing While Twisted Hearts showed us glimpses of our old favorites, it also introduced some new intriguing characters I liked that even though it features flashbacks of Savio and Gemma, it did not linger on any events that we ve seen in previous books I laughed out loud at plenty of moments, but I was not expecting the melancholic note to the book I shed a few tears at some moments that I was not prepared for In those hard times, I felt Gemma and Savio really shined through and were each other s rock The two of them aren t just lovers, but friends I really loved that the conversation flowed so easily between them and they had a lot in common They re a solid couple I toyed with my rating for this book, because while Gemma and Savio are great together once they pass the obstacles, I don t think I can quite give it five stars on some other points so I ll say 4 stars I wish that Savio s feelings about his past and certain events were explored I expected development for his character I liked the pacing of the story and seeing Savio and Gemma s journey, but I also feel that we should have gotten of the destination I feel like in the past few books, we ve been conflict driven and while that isn t forced and necessary to the story, I need of the couple as a couple I miss that element being present like it was in the earlier books so I hope that it will be fleshed out in the future ones There were a few grammatical errors that I feel could have been edited out as well Editing has improved tremendously and there were only a few, but I still noticed them Overall, I enjoyed Twisted Hearts and hope to see of Savio and Gemma Bookstagram danireads06 It took me a couple days to gather my thoughts and feelings to write my review, but even now I am not completely over TH First and foremost, Cora did a number with this one because it was nothing like I expected it to be.Crushing girls hearts was practically my special skill set, but knowing I had to break Kitty s innocent little heart actually caused me a flicker of qualms Let s start with Savio Falcone This man This absolutely cocky and arrogant man made me go through a bunch of emotions One second, I wanted to slap some sense into him, and the other I was laughing like a lunatic For or less half of the book, I had a strong urge to scream and shout at Savio for his presumptuous and blunt attitude. Long story short, I pretty much wasn t fond of him at that point BUT Once I finished reading and thought about it, I realized that I actually liked what Cora did She didn t present us a brand new Savio with unspoken secrets or shady background or forced his character to make a one eighty just for the sake of his own book We got the same Savio Falcone that we have throughout the whole Camorra series The one where he is an unapologetic asshole, a charming manwh re, a sweet talker and maker of his own rules From his first meeting with Gemma till the end, we witness his journey to maturity where he eventually redeems himself for his crude behaviourStill such a good girl, my Gem How long would it take for me to lick, fuck and finger that out of her Gemma was one hell out of surprise to me I was expecting her to be some bada s girl and to keep pushing Savio Yes, she is sassy with a tiny rebelious nature, but most of all Gemma was the epitome of innocence for me Coming from a very Traditionalist family, she was sweet and innocent with the perfect amount of sassiness One of my favourite things about her was how she stands her grounds. Despite Savio s mischievous and flirty behaviour, she kept holding onto her beliefs which made me love her even I would have loved seeing her make Savio sweat a bit than she did, but again this is my personal preferenceI own you I own your lips and your tits and your pussy I own every fucking inch of you, Gemma He pressed his palm to my stomach And if I want to touch you, I do There are quite a lot of time jumps in the book which I loved We got to witness the ups and downs that Savio and Gemma went through the years Their relationship is not easy to define through those years Albeit it was a sad one, there was a much needed wake up call for our bull to get his shit together Savio and Gemma, the bull and his kitty, were undeniably made for each one from their igniting chemistry to their common interest in fighting I only wished that we could have gotten scenes of them when they were happily together I felt like we got scenes of them individually during the years rather than them as a couple I am really hoping for a second book for themI wanted him to trust me enough to share his darkest thoughts and fears with me, wanted him to love me like I d loved him for so long, I could hardly remember how it was before Twisted Hearts wouldn t have been a Cora Reilly book without the appearance of our other beloved characters. Being her fan for years, I became way too invested in both her series And seeing characters from both BIBM and Camorra appear in TH made me squeal like crazy Seeing Fabiano, Nino and Remo with their families and living happily made me so happy The kids Honestly, they brightened the mood in every tense scenes and made me laugh so much We also got to meet some new characters like the infamous Nestore Romano who looks like another level of insane lmao In short, I had different expectations while going into Twisted Hearts but regardless of that I sill enjoyed TH albeit how frustrated Savio made me feel I can t wait for Adamo s book who I feel like has grown up before my own eyes and needs his own HEAARC kindly provided in exchange of an honest review.

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