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This Child Will Be Great Read This Child Will Be Great Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Oknalubliniec.eu In January 2006, After The Republic Of Liberia Had Been Racked By Fourteen Years Of Brutal Civil Conflict, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Africa S Iron Lady Was Sworn In As President, An Event That Marked A Tremendous Turning Point In The History Of The West African Nation.In This Stirring Memoir, Sirleaf Shares The Inside Story Of Her Rise To Power, Including Her Early Childhood Her Experiences With Abuse, Imprisonment, And Exile And Her Fight For Democracy And Social Justice This Compelling Tale Of Survival Reveals Sirleaf S Determination To Succeed In Multiple Worlds From Her Studies In The United States To Her Work As An International Bank Executive To Her Election Campaigning In Some Of Liberia S Most Desperate And War Torn Villages And Neighborhoods It Is Also The Story Of An Outspoken Political And Social Reformer Who, Despite Danger, Fought The Oppression Of Dictators And Championed Change By Sharing Her Story, Sirleaf Encourages Women Everywhere To Pursue Leadership Roles At The Highest Levels Of Power, And Gives Us All Hope That, With Perseverance, We Can Change The World.

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    I first saw Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on the Jon Stewart show and knew I had to read her book I was not disappointed Truth is often so much better than fiction She became the first woman president in Africa through sheer determination, great intelligence and a belief that she was needed to he

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    The root cause of conflict is not simply poverty but poverty brought on by exclusion Exclusion in its broadest context exclusion from resources, from power, from education and information, from the opportunity to better one s life. p 305 This is a hard review to write I m a little bit floored by t

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    I have so many reactions to Sirleaf s memoir, it s hard to know where to begin What a complex, thought provoking book.First I learned a great deal about my own ignorance It had never occurred to me, until reading the beginning of This Child Will be Great, that the African Americans who settled in Liberia in

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    This was a rather interesting read, but it had certain considerable disadvantages which hurt it Primarily, the style of the writing was rather flat and problematic I suppose Madame Sirleaf is an excellent economist, but I m afraid she s an indifferent writer The topic was fascinating, but it was hurt badly by her writ

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    I saw President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf speak at the institution where I work a few years ago, and found her story to be incredibly inspiring I was hoping the book would beof the same While inspiration can be found here, it is often bogged down with tedious economic detail Sirleaf was in banking and economics and acronyms like yo

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    This is not so much a memoir or even a biography of Sirleaf as it is a history of Liberia Sirleaf s telling of her homeland s bloody past is informative, fair, insightful It will be interesting for me to follow Liberia s progress now Sirleaf becoming president is probably one of those times when a ray of light shines down from the heaven

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    A profound political memoir that captures the rich history of Liberia and its ties to America, the history of the political and social unrest that led to civil war, and the economic climate President Sirleaf was an outspoken career woman who was often shunned by her male counterparts and at one point, jailed and force...

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    In her first run for President her opponent s slogan was He killed my ma, he killed my pa, so I will vote for him Yikes She lost that election through fraud and intimidation but the courage to run in such an atmosphere is amazing The book is a summary of her life not particularly warm and full of personal details, but an overview of Liberia before, during,

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    From Publishers Weekly Forbes lists Sirleaf, the 23rd president of Liberia and the first elected female president on the African continent, among the 100 Most Powerful Women in 2008 In and out of government, in and out of exile, but consistent in her commitment to Liberia, Sirleaf in her memoir reveals herself to be among the most resilient, determined and courageous

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    I knew vaguely of Liberia before reading This Child Will Be Great Memoir of a Remarkable Life by Africa s First Woman President I had a distant memory of reading that it was established as a home for resettled slaves, and then I remembered reading of its violent civil war and its government s horrible support for the devastating war in Sierra Leone Other than that, as with mo

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