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Two Truths and a Lie I enjoyed this book very much, Ms Moore is an interesting writer I didn t quite know what to expect from this book light female fiction, suspenseful thriller or old fashioned mystery I found the book to be a combination of all three.The story is told from the perspective of several different characters Ms Moore makes the switch from each point of view easy to follow She also manages to write in distinct voices for all of them.The last third of the book is a page turner and that is when the suspense kicks in I recommend this book as a very satisfying read and not as predictable as I thought it would be I thank Random House for giving me an advanced reader s edition of the book. Two Truths and a Lie is a fast paced, entertaining book that takes place in Newburyport, a small beach town north of Boston It s June and the summer has begun The Squad of twelve moms are getting ready for their annual parties, activities and cattiness We learn from the beginning that someone in Newburyport is not going to survive the summer.Rebecca Coleman had been one of the make it happen members of the Mom Squad but after the recent loss of her husband, she s become withdrawn focusing on her two daughters, seventeen year old Alexa and Morgan, eleven years old Rebecca believes Alexa is preparing to attend college in the fall but Alexa, with a budding yet secretive success with her own YouTube channel, has already called the school and has given up her spot planning to head to Los Angeles.Sherri Griffin and her daughter Katie, also eleven, have just moved into town Rebecca has extended a hand in friendship to Sherri Katie and Morgan quickly become friends but Sherri reveals little about herself and what she tells Rebecca and the others about herself is a lie The book is told from several points of view including Sherri, Rebecca, Alexa and The Squad, the latter acting as a pseudo Greek Chorus Amid all the secrets and lies, this is a summer of change and growth for Sherri and Rebecca and a touching coming of age journey for Alexa While Two Truths and a Lie has its share of amusing snarkiness, at its heart, it is a story about women who will do anything to insure the happiness and safety of their children There are many good books that take place during the summer, at a beach town involving a group of women and their families This book feels familiar, which is not a bad thing.Many thanks to Edelweiss, William Morrow and the author for the opportunity to enjoy Two Truths and a Lie in advance of its May 26 release date A perfect beach read And even if your beach is closed, as mine is right now, you ll still feel like you re on one Rated 3.75 rounded up.Review to be posted at MicheleReader.com closer to publication. From The Author Of The Islanders Comes A Warm, Witty And Suspenseful Novel Filled With Small Town Secrets, Summer Romance, Big Time Lies And Spiked Seltzer, In The Vein Of Liane MoriartyTruth Sherri Griffin And Her Daughter, Katie, Have Recently Moved To The Idyllic Beach Town Of Newburyport, Massachusetts Rebecca Coleman, Widely Acknowledged Former Leader Of The Newburyport Mom Squad Having Taken A Step Back Since Her Husband S Shocking And Tragic Death Eighteen Months Ago , Has Made A Surprising Effort To Include These Newcomers In Typically Closed Group Activities Rebecca S Teenage Daughter Alexa Has Even Been Spotted Babysitting KatieTruth Alexa Has Time On Her Hands Because Of A Recent Falling Out With Her Longtime Best Friends For Reasons No One Knows But Everyone Suspects Have To Do With Alexa S Highly Popular And Increasingly Successful YouTube Channel Katie Griffin, Who At Age Probably Doesn T Need A Babysitter Any, Can T Be Left Alone Because She Has Terrifying Nightmares That Don T Seem To Jibe With The Vague Story Sherri Has Floated About The Bad Divorce She Left Behind In Ohio Rebecca Coleman Has Been Spending A Lot Of Time With Sherri, It S True, But She S Also Been Spending Time With Someone Else She Doesn T Want The Mom Squad To Know About Just YetLie Rebecca Coleman Doesn T Have A New Man In Her Life, And Definitely Not Someone Connected To The Mom Squad Alexa Is Not Seeing Anyone New Herself And Is Planning On Shutting Down Her YouTube Channel In Advance Of Attending College In The Fall Sherri Griffin S Real Name Is Sherri Griffin, And A Bad Divorce Is All She S Running FromA Blend Of Propulsive Thriller And Gorgeous Summer Read, Two Truths And A Lie Reminds Us That Happiness Isn T Always A Day At The Beach, Some Secrets Aren T Meant To Be Shared, And The Most Precious Things Are The People We Love I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion This is the first book I have read from Meg and can t wait to read of her books She had a way of writing that makes you want to root her the characters Such a great book. I enjoyed this book but it never rises above a good beach book I liked the use of multiple voices and the way they were arranged The author took several compelling themes and got them into this novel I liked the characters, especially Sherri and Rebecca But I especially was impressed by the character of Alexa So nice to see that Moore didn t rely on stereotypes and created a very interesting modern young woman Thank you Netgalley for this very lovely read. A fun beach read Interesting characters and an idyllic setting The multiple points of view was a key component and brought this book to another level There were a lot of characters but I had no problem keeping track There was a lot of suspense build up until the conclusion, which was very well done The conclusion angered me but only because I was invested in the characters It was well written and the storyline moves at an even pace I flew through it and enjoyed the ride Suspenseful novel files with secrets, romance and lies This is the first i read from Meg and I thought it was very well written Loved the characters and the story Can t wait to pick up some of Megs books. Many thanks to Harper Collins for an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion Two Truths and a Lie is an easy, fun, summer read It reminds me a lot of the days when I was young and worked with a bunch of teen girls whose moms literally had nothing better to do than sit around and gossip That s exactly the type of people that comprise The Mom Squad in this book It feels just as sad and desperate now as it did when I was 19 so it s good to know that some things never change, but it doesn t make the best entertainment There were moments when I really thought this would take off and fly, but we just never really got there Some of the characters are very entertaining and have a lot of depth to them Sherri, Katie, and Alexa mostly , but most of them simply don t and the few that do aren t given the amount of time that I felt like their storylines really deserved I think if the character list had been condensed some and attention paid to develop the interesting plot points, we could have ended up with a better novel.Overall, it was just ok. Mother s The Squad Middle age teensOlder teens Beach town setting End of the summer before going back to schools Tequila cocktail parties with hired bartenders and DJ s, drugs, secrets, lies, surf camp, nature overnight camp, babysitters, fashion and beauty concerns, ice lattes, walks, gossip, one woman was writing a domestic thriller nothing amounted to knowing.everyone drives an SUVIt was a chore to read this book for me I liked Meg Mitchell Moore s book called The Admissions , years ago and thought I d enjoy another one of her contemporary novels.However I just didn t care for this one it was one of the most Un FUN fun books I ve read in ages with catty characters, catty friendships, and a dull story I m not mad, she said I m tired And I forgot I have to get up early tomorrow Two truths, one lie 1.5 stars I just finished Two Truths and a Lie by Meg Mitchell Moore and it was the perfect brain candy reading Her books always scream summer vacation to me I brought the Islanders to Maine last summer and it was just perfect This one is a beach book with a little mystery tied in which made for a great mix And it made me so happy to have little glimpses of the Islanders tied in like the Dinner by Dad blog This will be published on 5 26 20 and I can t wait to share about it then.Thank you to William Morrow Books for an advanced copy.

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